Press release

Times- out-London


Bertrand PENNINCKX - Producer

The « Visites-Spectacles » are above all great story of meetings. In 2009, I had the chance to meet Romain PISSENEM and Etienne MALLINGER who inspired the creation of the guided visits brought to life by actors. The setting up of these original concepts was not always easy, but thanks to a team effort and many complementary competences, the project was born on the 28th June 2009 with the first performance of “The Spirit of Montmartre”.


The success of our walks is also due to meeting so many talented artists (more thant 50 actors) who interpret with enjoyment and joy the characters who pave your way, and of course not forgetting the ever numerous (over 20.000 persons).


And finally the meeting of the public of all ages, from all parts of the country, from all over the world, all gathered around one unique concept : the Visites-Spectacles.


Today we propose 2 - 3 - 4 walks… and tomorrow… there are still so many things for you to discover!

Etienne MALLINGER - Author

The problem of being passionate about something is that very often, it obliges you to make Cornelian choices as if always, the standards or the needs to format takes over in the name of the Cartesian ideal … If you write a show, immediately the producers ask you: "what kind of show is it, for which type of public is it aimed towards?” Scared of the idea of not being able to put a label on this creation … but why so many restraints? Here, I was able to conjugate in the writing of these “Visites-Spectacles” several of my passions: the history of theatre in all its forms, street performances, trestles, but also dance, circus arts and all this to contribute to a fiction full of emotion … an author’s dream!


Even more so that our project gets the full support of our spectators … What always boosts me, it is above all, the respect from the public, and above all, it passes before the fact of betting on its intelligence. Popular Theatre and History seize the city…

Romain PISSENEM - Executive Director

I have always wanted, I always dreamed in my directing to make the spectators come up on stage, and now, it is possible, because here the set is the actual streets and places we visit … The concept allows you the spectator, to be the one who is in the story, and it is always easier to remember something when you are the actor … " Once upon a time" and immediately, the magic starts to work … In the shadow of the monuments, the sunlight of a fable awakes you; stone paths seem to dance and it is the legend of the centuries on grand finale … On the pavements, the sand? Undoubtedly … here we make sand castles with dust from forgotten history, the eyes high tide, we can reinvent the smuggler’s walk, bringing back forgotten treasures to the surface …


I always intended to sooner or later mount "The air pedestrian" of Ionesco and with the show-visits I had this dream partly come through: here, every spectator is an air pedestrian, like a tightrope walker above the city and its secrets.