Official visit of the Eiffel Tower + original visit in Montmartre with artists.


Discover the history of Paris with 2 lively show visits played by actors : Eiffel Tower & Montmartre. They are guided walking tours of one and half hour with real life professional artists and comedians who will entertain the whole family. The streets and their squares will become the backdrop for the natural scenery.
"is not just a guided tour, not just a play, it's both at the same time so even better!"


Few figures

  • Created in 2009
  • 250 000 visitors
  • 50 artists
  • 8 tours in Paris (3 in English)
  • The official visit of the Eiffel tower
  • The Backstage of the Opéra Garnier

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The Visites-Spectacles are there for that!

The Spirit of Montmartre
The Spirit of Montmartre
The Spirit of Montmartre
Visite Spectacle Paris
Visite Spectacle Paris
The Eiffel Tower Romance
The Eiffel Tower Romance